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Chapter 9: Ulysses Every Day Reading Challenge. The Rosenbach Museum and Library. June 2020.

Covid Check-in from Joyceans Around the World. James Joyce Quarterly Blog. May 2020.

Forthcoming and Recent Talks:

“Collaborative Feminist Spaces.” Journals in Collaboration Session. Modern Language Association Conference. Washington, DC. January 2022.

“Feminist Anger.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Roundtable on 50th Anniversary of Hugh Kenner’s Pound Era. Chicago, IL. November, 2021.

“‘Only in a World of Speculation’. New Insights into Woolf and Eliot from the Hale Papers. 30th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf.  University of South Dakota. June 2021.

Eliot and Fanfiction. Penn Mod/Con Working Group. University of Pennsylvania. March 2021.

“Emily Hale vs. ‘Emily Hale.'” Modern Languages Association. Toronto, CA. January 2021.

Invited Lecture on Eliot. T. S. Eliot International Summer School. London, UK. July 2020.

“Eliot’s Fictional Afterlives.” The Modern and Contemporary Group. Oxford University. June 2020.

Invited Lecture on Vagueness. Ambiguity Research Group. University of Tübingen, Germany. February 2020.

“‘Hurry Up Please Its Time’: #MeToo and T. S. Eliot in 2020.” The Feminist Thinking Seminar. Oxford University. February 2020.

“#MeToo Modernisms.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Seminar Leader (with Anne Fernald). Toronto, CA. October, 2019.

“The Good Enough Edition?”  The American Comparative Literature Association Conference.  Georgetown University.  Washington, D. C.  March 2019.

“Sheer Nonsense!: Catharsis in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and Woolf’s The Voyage Out.” Modernist Studies Association Conference.  Columbus, OH.  November 2018.

“Reading The Waste Land with the #MeToo Generation” (Roundtable Organizer and Participant).  T. S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting.  Emory University.  Atlanta, GE. September 2018.

“Therapy as Weapon in Woolf and Wittgenstein.”  28th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf.  University of Kent.  Kent, UK. June 2018.

“Charisma.” Keyword Seminar Presenter. Novel: The Biennial Conference for the Study of the Novel at Cornell University.  Ithaca, NY. June 2018.

“The New T. S. Eliot and the Science of Criticism.” The American Comparative Literature Association Conference. Los Angeles, CA.  March 2018.

“Not with a Bang: Modernist Antiplot and The Waste Land.” Invited Keynote Lecture. Johns Hopkins Humanities Center Graduate Student Conference. Johns Hopkins. March 2017.