Curriculum Vitae


Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of English, Villanova University, 2016-present.

Assistant Professor of English, Villanova University, 2008-2016.

Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Wesleyan University, 2006-2008.


Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, Yale University, New Haven, CT. December 2006. “Vagueness and Modern Novels.”

M. Phil. in English, with distinction, Brasenose College, Oxford University. Oxford, UK, June 1998. “The Athenaeum: 1919-1921.”

B.A. in English, with honors, Magna cum laude, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, June 1995. “Re-Visioning T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets: Adrienne Rich’s Atlas of the Difficult World.”



Modernist Fiction & Vagueness: Philosophy, Form, and Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, February 2015.

Refereed Articles:

“Reading Woolf Logically: Resolute Approaches to The Voyage Out and Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.” Article draft for a special edition of Poetics Today on “Logic and Literature.” Forthcoming, Feb. 2020.

“Reading The Waste Land with the #MeToo Generation.” Editor and Introduction, print plus cluster for Modernism/ modernity. March, 2019.

“Why ‘East Coker’ is Still Shocking: The Annual East Coker Lecture.” The Journal of the T. S. Eliot Society. (2014) 34-49.

“Modern Novels and the Reinstatement of the Vague.” Modernism/modernity 15.1 (2008) 101-129.

“Beastly Vagueness in Henry James and Charles S. Peirce.” Philosophy and Literature. 31:2 (October 2007) 362-377.

“Justice for the ‘Illstarred Punster’: Samuel Beckett & Alfred Péron’s Revisions of ‘Anna Lyvia Pluratself.’”James Joyce Quarterly. 41:4 (2006) 469-487.


“Ireland.” Cambridge Companion to European Modernism. Ed. Pericles Lewis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, October 2011.

Introductory Essays on Forty Victorian and Twentieth-Century Irish Playwrights. The Leonard L. Milberg Irish Theater Collection. Ed. Howard Woolmer. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006.

“Ian McEwan.” The Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature. Ed. David Scott Kastan. Oxford: Oxford University Press, February 2006.

Other Publications:

La Narrativa Modernista e la Vaghezza” (Translation and reprint of sections of Modernist Fiction and Vagueness, with minor changes). Ermeneutica Letteraria 15 (2019) 29-46.

“Reading The Waste Land with the #MeToo Generation.” Revised Introduction, Time Present: The Newsletter of the T. S. Eliot Society. 97 (Spring 2019) 1, 10-11.

“Eliot Teaching the Moderns at Harvard: The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot, Vol. 4: English Lion.” Review Essay. Time Present: The Newsletter of the T. S. Eliot Society. 92:1 (Summer 2017) 8-9.

Works in Progress

“T. S. Eliot Among the Novelists.” Book manuscript.

“Wallace Stevens and Analytic Philosophy.” Article Draft.

“Perverse Alchemy: Henry / James / Merrill.” Article Draft.

Scholarly Papers

Invited Lecture on Eliot. T. S. Eliot International Summer School. London, UK. July 2020.

Invited Lecture on Vagueness. Ambiguity Research Group. University of Tübingen, Germany. February 2020.

“#MeToo Modernisms.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Seminar Leader (with Anne Fernald). Toronto, CA. October, 2019.

“The Good Enough Edition?”  The American Comparative Literature Association Conference.  Georgetown University.  Washington, D. C.  March 2019.

“Sheer Nonsense!: Catharsis in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and Woolf’s The Voyage Out.” Modernist Studies Association Conference.  Columbus, OH.  November 2018.

“Reading The Waste Land with the #MeToo Generation” (Roundtable Organizer and Participant).  T. S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting.  Emory University.  Atlanta, GE. September 2018.

“Therapy as Weapon in Woolf and Wittgenstein.”  28th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf.  University of Kent.  Kent, UK. June 2018.

“Charisma.” Keyword Seminar Presenter. Novel: The Biennial Conference for the Study of the Novel at Cornell University.  Ithaca, NY. June 2018.

“The New T. S. Eliot and the Science of Criticism.” The American Comparative Literature Association Conference. Los Angeles, CA.  March 2018.

“Eliot and the Jameses.” T. S. Eliot International Summer School. London, UK. July 2016.

“Reading The Waste Land as a Novel.” T. S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting. Rapallo, Italy. June 2016.

“Woolf’s Fuzzy Images.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Boston, MA. November 2015.

“Virginia Woolf and the Blurry Photograph.” The 25th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf. Bloomsburg, PA. June 2015.

“Virginia Woolf and the Blurry Photograph.” The 25th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf. Bloomsburg, PA. June 2015.

“On Vagueness.”  University of Pennsylvania Modernism & Twentieth Century Studies Group. Philadelphia, PA. March 2015.

“Vague Books, Weak Theories, Fuzzy Studies.”  Modernist Studies Association Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. November 2014.

“If You Feel Something, Say Something: Vagueness and Modernism.” The American Comparative Literature Association Conference. New York, NY. March, 2014.

“Woolf, Wittgenstein, and Nonsense: The Voyage Out as Therapy.”  Modern Language Association Conference. Chicago, IL. January 2014.

“Rebabelization & Nonsense: Finnegans Wake in Basic English.”  Modernist Studies Association Conference. Sussex, UK. August 2013.

“Why East Coker is Still Shocking.”  Annual East Coker Lecture.  T. S. Eliot International Summer School. East Coker, UK. July 2013.

“Eliot, Vagueness, Modernism.” Modern Language Association Conference. Seattle, WA. January 2012.

“The Borders of Disciplines.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Seminar Paper. Buffalo, NY. October 2011.

“Vaguely Philosophical.” American Literature Association Conference. Round Table Participant. Cambridge, MA. May 2011.

“Electronic Joyce.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Round Table Participant. Victoria, Canada. November 2010.

“Joyce, Wittgenstein, and Pragmatic Vagueness.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Seminar Paper. Victoria, Canada. November 2010.

“As Strange As Bottom in His Ass’s Head: Eliot, Bertrand Russell, and the Vague.” T. S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting. St. Louis, MO. September 2010.

“Objecting to Woolf: Eliot’s Analytic Virtues.” T S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting. Seminar Paper. St. Louis, MO. September 2010.

“Irish Vagueness.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Seminar Paper. Montréal, Canada. November 2009.

“Top/Bottom Modernisms.” Panel Chair. Modernist Studies Association Conference. Montréal, Canada. November, 2009.

“Irish Modernism.” The American Comparative Literature Association Conference. Cambridge, MA. March 2009.

“Middlebrow Modernism.” Panel Organizer. Modernist Studies Association Conference. Nashville, TN. November 2008.

“Over 600 Kinds of Snow: James Joyce’s Vagueness.” Talking Papers Series. Wesleyan University. April 2008.

“The Modernist Sublime.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Seminar Leader (with Barry Ahearn). Long Beach, CA. November, 2007.

“Eliot’s Perfect Language.” T. S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting. Seminar Paper. St. Louis, MO. September 2007.

“T. S. Eliot’s Vague Correlative.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Seminar Paper. Tulsa, OK. November 2006.

“Stephen’s Tundish Diary Entry Re-Examined: ‘Vague Words for a Vague Emotion.’” Twentieth International  James Joyce Symposium. Budapest, Hungary. June 2006.

“Kidney of Bloom, Pray for Us.” Invited Roundtable participant for “Young Joyceans.” Twentieth International James Joyce Symposium. Budapest, Hungary. June 2006.

“The Vagueness of Virginia Woolf.” Twentieth-Century Colloquium. Yale University. December 2004.

“Vagueness, American Pragmatism, and the Little Laws of the James Brothers.” Modernist Studies Association  Conference. Vancouver, Canada. October 2004.

“Where did Samuel Beckett’s translation of ALP go?” Bloomsday 100 International James Joyce Symposium. Dublin, Ireland. June 2004.

“Henry James’s ‘realm of vagueness and uncertainty.’” International Society for the Study of Narrative Conference. Burlington, VT. April 2004.

“Narrative Interrupted.” Panel Organizer. International Society for the Study of Narrative Conference.  Burlington, VT. April 2004.

“‘God, it’s funny being a woman!’  Jean Rhys’s Parisian Nightmare.” Guest Lecture on Jean Rhys. Modern British Novel Course. Yale University. December 2003.

“Charles Sanders Peirce and ‘The Beast in the Jungle.’” Twentieth-Century Colloquium. Yale University. April 2003.

“‘The Unacknowledged Legislators of the World’ Describes the Secret Police, Not Poets.” Guest lecture on W. H. Auden. Modern Poetry Course. Yale University. November 2002.

“Laughing with / Laughing at the Moderns.” Chair of Panel. Modernist Studies Association Conference. Madison, WI. October 2002.

“Masticating Modernism.” Seminar Paper. Modernist Studies Association Conference. Madison, WI. October 2002.

“Avec ‘l’aurisation’: Feigned Collaboration and the French Translation of James Joyce’s ‘Anna Livia Plurabelle.’” Seminar Paper. Modernist Studies Association Conference. Houston, TX. October 2001.

Selected Honors and Awards

Andrew W. Mellow Foundation Fellowship, Huntington Library, San Marino, CA. 2019.

University Summer Grant, Villanova University. Summer 2018.

Faculty Development Grant, Villanova University, 2016.

Tolle Lege Award for Teaching Excellence, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Villanova University. 2014.

Invited Scholar and Lecturer, T. S. Eliot International Summer School, London, UK. July 2013 & 2016..

Andrew W. Mellow Foundation Fellowship, Huntington Library, San Marino, CA. 2012.

Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, June 2011-August 2012.

Summer Research Fellowship, Villanova University, May-August 2011.


The Modern British Novel

The Contemporary British Novel

The Post-War British Novel

The Victorian Novel

Ways of Reading

The Literary Experience

Virginia Woolf (Graduate Seminar and Undergraduate)

Modernist Manifestos (Graduate Seminar and Undergraduate)

Modernist Sexualities (Graduate Seminar and Undergraduate)

The Philosophy of Modernism (Graduate Seminar and Undergraduate)

James Joyce (Graduate Seminar and Undergraduate)

Feminist Fictions (GWS Capstone)


Master’s Theses:

Director of projects focused on James Joyce and the Soul, Joyce and Nietzsche, on Ludwig Wittgenstein and E. M. Forster, and Joseph Conrad; Second reader on projects on Milton, Ishiguro, Wharton, and Victorian Children. Outside examiner on a Ph.D. dissertation on Irish American Fiction, Temple University, 2011.

Undergraduate Senior Theses:

Director of projects focused on Zadie Smith, Rebecca West, J. R. R. Tolkien, George Gissing, Food and Literature, Virginia Woolf, and five on aspects of James Joyce.