James Joyce (undergraduate, graduate)
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Modern British Novel
Contemporary British Novel and Brexit
Modernist Sexualities (undergraduate, graduate)
Virginia Woolf (undergraduate, graduate)
Philosophy of Modernism (undergraduate, graduate)
Victorian Novel
Ways of Reading
Modernist Manifestos (undergraduate, graduate)
Post-War British Novel

Feminist Fictions (GWS Capstone)


Master’s Theses:

Director of projects focused on James Joyce and the Soul; Joyce and Nietzsche; Ludwig Wittgenstein and E. M. Forster, Joseph Conrad; Virginia Woolf and Portraiture; Second reader on projects on Milton, Ishiguro, Wharton, Wells, Beckett, Victorian Children, Eliot, Animals and Children’s Fantasy Literature, and Feminist Science Fiction. Outside examiner on Ph.D. dissertations on Irish American Fiction (Temple University) and the Aesthetics of Confusion in Modernist Fiction (Tufts University).

Undergraduate Senior Theses:

Director of projects focused on Zadie Smith, Rebecca West, J. R. R. Tolkien, George Gissing, Food and Literature, Virginia Woolf, and five on aspects of James Joyce.

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